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Benefits of Sonrise Foam & Insulation

Commercial Design considerations come with very specific challenges that can’t be addressed with just any type of insulation. Traffic patterns, acoustic considerations, light sources, and aesthetic qualities barely scratch the surface. What about sweating ceilings, corrosion, moisture build-up, and inefficient heating and cooling systems? It takes a hydrophobic, third party tested insulation and air barrier system to get the job done right and with ease. The Icynene Insulation System® lets you design without compromise. Ideal for wood- or steel-framed construction, Icynene® delivers a perfect fit for any shaped cavity. Unlike batts, Icynene® conforms to unusual geometry and provides a continuous, protective barrier that significantly reduces air leakage, minimizes airborne moisture transfer, and optimizes energy efficiency.

100% water-blown and environmentally-friendly, Icynene  is sprayed into walls, ceilings, and floors, then expands 100 times its initial volume and cures within seconds. Once cured, the material remains soft and flexible enough so that it moves with the building substrate, leaving no gaps or seams that can compromise airtightness.

An insulation material that fails to control air leakage will be inadequate in resolving the associated health and economic concerns. Thermal performance, air quality, energy consumption, sound attenuation, and building durability are all negatively affected by uncontrolled air leakage. Integrating Icynene as part of a sustainable design strategy has proven to be an effective tool that allows design professionals to provide their clients with the advantages that come from a controlled environment.

new homeNew Home
Expands to seal nooks and crannies

Icynene spray foam insulation, like a windbreaker, acts as an air barrier to keep conditioned air where it belongs.

Conventional insulations may begin to sag or compress with age and form gaps along framing and around electrical boxes and plumbing. These openings allow heat to flow out in the winter when you are trying to keep the house warm, and flow in during the summer, when you want to keep it cool. Only Icynene spray foam insulation expands to seal nooks and crannies, preventing energy loss.

Building a new home is the ideal time to install Icynene spray foam insulation, especially in hard to regulate temperature zones like basements, crawl spaces, attics, and rooms above garages.

The results: fewer drafts more even temperatures, greater home comfort for you and your family, and the important homeowner advantage of significant savings on your energy bills right from day one.

Expands to seal nooks and crannies

Icynene spray foam insulation, like a windbreaker, acts as an air barrier to keep conditioned air where it belongs.

Poorly insulated ATTICS are common energy-wasters.
In cold weather, heated interior air rises through a poorly insulated ceiling, into the attic, and outside through vents and other openings. In hot weather, the heat from the sun can transfer down into the living space through the poorly insulated attic.

Icynene fills and seals every inch of the attic floor or roof deck to give homeowners more control of the temperature inside. It’s the energy-saving solution that can deliver a significant return on your insulation investment.

NEW ADDITIONS offer the perfect opportunity to get it done right – the first time
New wall, floor and ceiling cavities that have not yet been dry walled allow for a straightforward foam installation that creates an effective air-seal and optimizes the comfort and efficiency of your newly created space.

If additions are intended for use as playrooms or media rooms, Icynene’s light density products are ideal for creating quieter spaces by minimizing sounds transfer through walls, ceilings and floors.

Watch a good movie without the interruption of a toilet flushing, or the worry that you’ll disturb someone in the next room.

The ROOM OVER A GARAGE is often uncomfortable.
It offers desirable additional space, but in hot weather, an extra cooling zone can be required just to cool the space and remove the humidity. In cold weather, it is common to find floors that are 10 degrees cooler than the room.

Insulating the garage ceiling is easy with Icynene spray foam. Icynene adheres to the overhead construction material for a continuous air-seal and complete protective barrier against poor air quality and other irritants that originate from the garage below.

Moisture-laden BASEMENTS and Crawlspaces can pose a health threat.
One of the biggest threats of moisture is condensation due to inadequate insulation in foundations walls and crawlspaces.

As an air barrier, Icynene helps keep basements and crawlspaces drier, reducing the threat of moister-related problems like mold or mildew. This also means that the air-conditioning unit doesn’t have to work overtime to remove excess humidity, saving homeowners money while extending the life of the unit.

Buckling hardwood?
Protect your investment. Manage crawlspace moisture. Insulate with Icynene

Make the perfect, enjoyable space for game night, rockband, or even a spare bedroom.



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